Wooden fences

Wooden fences

We make wooden fences which look natural and beautiful

One of the pillars of our services is making wooden fences which are distinguished by durability and elegance. We use the highest quality wood species, offering fences made of boards and rails which meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We offer openwork fences or full wooden fences that will match the design of your house. Our wooden fences are perfect for both classic and modern houses, becoming not only a security element of the property, but also an icon of design. Wooden fences are an integral part of the design of Scandinavian, rustic and modern styles, but they can also be used in old-style houses.

We have years of experience in wood preservation and creation of the highest quality fences, which guarantees effective service. Wood is properly dried, impregnated and protected by us, which provides resistance to weather conditions. Our fences are made with heart and attention to every detail, so that your house becomes more attractive in terms of design and patterns.

Let’s get to know the advantages of wooden fences

Many of our customers are wondering what type of fence to choose. They often hesitate between a metal fence and a wooden fence. We always advise our customers wooden fences, which are made of natural raw material and thus are healthy for home dwellers, and their appearance is much more aesthetic than that of metal or panel fences. With proper maintenance and regular impregnation we can achieve a timeless look of the fence that your guests will appreciate. For each project we use the best raw materials and modern technologies, which in combination with the highest quality workmanship guarantee aesthetics and durability. If you cooperate with us, you will get a professionally made wooden fence which will become a showcase of your house or company. Bet on naturalness and aesthetics which are not less important for us than the durability and quality of workmanship. You can get a beautiful fence, which will serve you for a dozen or more years. No other raw material can replace the charm and naturalness of wood, so you had better stand on the side of nature and order a wooden fence in our company. As experienced contractors, we will create a design matching the architectural style and select the best raw material to make your fence look beautiful and original.

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