Restoration and installation of wooden floors.

Restoration and installation of wooden floors.

Restoration of floors which will regain the shine to your floor

Our floor restoration will make your floor regain its former shine and prolong its life. We have years of experience in restoration resulting in customer satisfaction and recommendations proving our professionalism. Our restoration procedures begin with floor sanding, which involves sanding down the top layer of the floor. The next stage is lacquering or oiling, which protects the wood offering continued protection. We usually do 3 floor lacquerings. Then, we polish the floor with a low-speed machine and fill the gaps between the strips with resin and wood dust. Our restoration services ensure the durability of the floor and the desired aesthetic effect that will delight both guests and home dwellers.

Laying wood floors that will exceed your expectations.

A properly laid floor is resistant to moisture, temperature changes and mechanical damage, which is why choosing a reputable company is so important. Our floor laying is done using the best techniques that we have developed during 30 years of working with wood. We offer professional advice in the selection of wooden floor, which will ensure that the customer purchases the highest quality floor tailored to his/her needs. We will match the type of board to your budget and expectations, so that your house is decorated with unique wooden floor that will serve you for years.

We undertake even the most difficult projects, where years of experience and knowledge are necessary to ensure precise and trouble-free installation of wooden floors. We have a team of professionals and top of the line equipment to ensure effective installation of wooden floors. We offer a 2-year service warranty, timeliness and fast order execution, which will allow you to enjoy the wooden floor in your house.


With highest quality installation, attractive price and professional approach, your floor will be laid quickly, efficiently and according to current standards.

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